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Success Jr.

Actor | Comedian | Writer

Success St Fleur Jr  better known as simply Success Jr was born in Miami Fl and is now an Atlanta based comedian, producer, actor, and writer. He’s most known for creating short videos online portraying his Mother ( Mama Junior) and his up bringing in a strong religious Haitian-Caribbean household. Growing up, he found his passion for Comedy at the age of 6, performing in churches, weddings, school talent shows and more. His inspiration for his style of comedy comes from George Lopez and the late Bernie Mac.

As one of the trail blazers of Haitian comedy, Success has produced over 50 live comedy events and has performed an some of the biggest stages, one of them being Just For Laughs 2023. He became the first Haitian American to host such comedy event with over 23,000 people in attendance. In the pursuit of elevating his heritage, in 2021 Success Jr founded Culture Chips, a spicy Pikliz potato chips brand representing the Haitian culture.

Haitian & Hilarious, founded by Success Jr and Plus Pierre in 2021, is comedy show that showcases the funniest Haitian stand up comics & influencers across the US & Canada in celebration of the Haitian Heritage Month in May. The show has been featured in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs across the US such as the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Carolines on Broadway, Funnybone, Miami, Orlando & Dania Beach Improvs and more. The show has become a fan favorite and and a Haitian Heritage month tradition. 

As the grind continues within him to make a name for himself and his culture, Success has found his lovein acting, appearing in films like AMC's Send Help, Ludi, Arroz Lechey Powerball and more. 

Be sure to look out for Success Jr on film or a stage near you! Make sure to follow on all platforms.

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